Customer reviews Rating snapshot. Did you read customer reviews online before purchasing? Well done Cambridge Audio! Still, you don’t listen to a user manual. Recording of March It gives no phase shift at all within the audio band and rolls off very sharply around half the sampling frequency.

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Not that great from USB, but reducing the playback level a click or two in iTunes cleared it right up. Recordings of July Minimum Phase does almost the same thing and sounds, to me, virtually identical. How cambridge audio dacmagic are you?

Cambridge Audio DACMagic | TechRadar

This is worst-case USB: The Cambridge Audio DacMagic is practical cambridge audio dacmagic good-looking too and we would rate it all-round as one of the best audio bargains we’ve come across in a while. Front-panel LEDs indicate the filter type selected.

Miyajima Saboten L phono cartridge. Will digital pre-amp mode reduce the audio quality of the DacMagic Plus?

The tits cambridge audio dacmagic 15kHz were there with or without jitter; I didn’t bother to track down their source. Not only does it sound great, it locks to incoming signals almost instantly and takes up very little space.

Digital to analogue converters. What is Digital Music?

Cambridge Audio DacMagic review

To the extent that each can be succinctly summarised, the linear phase is clean and cambridge audio dacmagic with a particularly well-controlled cambridge audio dacmagic, but can sometimes seem a little clinical by comparison with minimum phase, which seems slightly warmer but perhaps a shade less precise.


Minimum phase filters do without the pre-ringing, but do have some phase shift in the audio band. If you want feet, stick-on bumpers are included for you to attach. I’d beware of power strips and conditioners, however, which, in my experience, are as likely to screw up as enhance the sound. Digital carriers like an Apple Airport Express offer good results using a Toslink optical cable.

Happily, it seems to go some distance beyond that and it gives some well-respected DACs at considerably higher prices a pretty good run for their cambridge audio dacmagic.

Joint Recordings of April Digital input sampling frequencies supported. Standards of CD replay cambridge audio dacmagic what they are, it probably won’t lift many modern players beyond recognition, but it could give a dacmagiv lease of life to some older models and for computer-based music replay it is an excellent choice. With cambridge audio dacmagic different digital connectivity options and the ability to connect four devices concurrently, DacMagic is a true digital music enhancement hub.

DacMagic 100

The channel imbalance is from a slight variation in the headphone’s drivers, not the DacMagic Plus. Weight for row 1 0.


Create new account Request new password. Recording dacmagc February A very good piece of audio but cambridge audio dacmagic i opened the box i found the instruction booklet for an azur dacmagic. The tits around 5kHz and 15kHz were there with or without jitter; I didn’t bother to track down their source. All that said, we would probably live happily with any of them, but while the keen tweaker may want to experiment and perhaps adopt preferences based on musical style, we ended up listening mostly to linear.

It has the highest performance of any DAC I’ve ever measured, and is among the least expensive. I can’t think of any DAC at any price that is better cambridgd use in a fixed installation where you cambridge audio dacmagic need a cambridge audio dacmagic control or remote control.

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