Triggering and interpreting work as expected. PC-Based Test and Measurement. Just musing on how to achieve the data compression. Software installed and worked immediately and intuitively. The reason why you may get more connectors is that it makes it very easy to move the logic analyzer between projects.

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It was up intronix logicport running in under 15 minutes and is making the expensive standalone Tektronix Logic Analyzer we have in the next room gather dust. With its high-speed sampling, sophisticated trigger capabilities and real-time sample compression, the LogicPort gives the big guys a run for intronix logicport money! Well done on a superb loicport. The installation includes real-world examples of actual acquired data.

I suspect the only intronix logicport to get the best compromise introniz for the damping resistors, track length and impedance and bypass capacitors is to do trial and error testing on a bench. Another day another dollar wasted.

So these resistors actually reduce ringing on FPGA inputs. Intronix logicport guess, the purpose of Ohm resistors is related to signal integrity. I loficport it’s a great instrument.

Intronix LogicPort PC-Based Logic Analyzer with USB Interface

Their approach seems to work as intronix logicport can sync with an external clock up to MHz, and it can capture logic state at up to MHz using the internal clock. Just did a 30 second capture with 16 intronix logicport with at least 12 channels regularly changing, and the sampling ceased introhix captured samples.


Intronix is a intronix logicport trademark pogicport Intronix Test Instruments, Inc. This image shows a few of the 10 different columns which can be included in the waveform display. Completely painless software installation – worked straight out of the box. You know they spent a lot of time on this as getting intronix logicport signal from the test board to the Altera input pins with the offset adjustment is the most critical part of the hardware design.

Intronix logicport open menu shows some of the data formatting options available. This really is a great product. I was really impressed with its ease of use. A Wire Status intronix logicport is available to show the real-time status of inputs regardless of sample mode or rate.

Intronix Logicport 34 Channel Logic Analyzer Teardown – Page 1

Mentor Graphics Corporation Micrel, Inc. Hello, Sorry for raising a somewhat old topic. I also like its compact intronix logicport. First opened for business in Burbank Intronix logicport, the company relocated to Phoenix Arizona in It’s a big help in the kind of signals I’m analyzing.


I’m also very glad the LogicPort has sample compression. The only ESD protection is intronix logicport protection built into the Altera inputs, and that is also used for clipping when the input intronix logicport the Altera input voltage range.

However, I’m not absolutely sure. There was an error while thanking.

Brilliant logicporf interface – ten minutes to get hooked intronix logicport to PCB and triggering on the problem packet without clicking Help.

PC-Based Test and Measurement. Why instead of having and Ohm resistors in series they intronix logicport not replaced with just one resistor of Ohm. Hats off to you.

A few of our corporate clients: And then I saw Intronix on the web. Fraser Super Contributor Posts: