No, create an account now. I paid 15 bucks for these in a sale, regular price is somewhere around 30 – 40 dollars. Bass drops off pretty sharply below 40Hz, still audible down to 35Hz but pretty nonexistent any lower than that. Nice speakers Written by Ciceroears Published Apr 5, Logitech Wired Computer Speakers.

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With two satellite speakers and a subwoofer, these Logitech wpeaker speakers give you roaring sound effects that complement the visuals on your computer monitor. While they’re definitely not for blasting music at a party or shaking the room with movie explosions, they’re logitech s220 speaker system for casual music listening and even good as monitors.

I paid 15 bucks for these in a sale, regular price is somewhere around 30 – 40 dollars. Click here to see Ciceroears’s full review Using the logitech s220 speaker system control button on the Logitech S, you can efficiently synchronize the bass response with your speakers. Great value for money.

The speakers themselves are rather systej, and sit beside my monitors fine, whilst the subwoofer goes underneath my logitech s220 speaker system. Yes, my password is: DomProfesorNov 3, In this case, I found the cord for the speakers which is actually one cord with a standard stereo plug at the end that splits into two just long enough, although I had to ‘peel’ the cord apart to get logitech s220 speaker system speakers where I wanted.


Cons – not many detachable cables. The subwoofer has a volume knob which I found had to be turned all the way up in all cases for a good soundand there is a small logitech s220 speaker system in line with the audio cord that contains headphone and microphone jacks, a volume control and a power switch.

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Pros – great sound. Pros – Impressive soundstage and timbre, decent response across most of the frequency range, cheap, inline volume control. For that job, they weren’t exactly amazing, but on their own I was pretty impressed. Show More Show Less.

Logitech S220 Computer Speakers

speakre Click here to see GGXtreme’s full review Logitech Computer PC Logutech 2. While the audio cord which splits into both the stereo plug for sound and a microphone plug for the jack on dystem pod is plenty long, the length of cord from the speaker to the pod is not so long, and I found that to have the additional jacks, volume control and power switch within reach was difficult in most of my setups.

Unlike the S, the new S encompasses logitech s220 speaker system usability with a newly styled control base to manage improved acoustics, volume and VoIP connectivity. Click here to see DomProfesor’s full review It is recommended if you are after quality speakers and have low budget. GGXtremeSep 12, I figured these logitech s220 speaker system outperform s simple 2. The design here logitech s220 speaker system a bit odd, with a narrow subwoofer designed to be tucked under a desk or similar and two small desktop speakers.


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Design is nothing fancy, but they look much better than logitech s220 speaker system cheap 2. Cons – Rolled-off highs, slightly raw sound, bass doesn’t extend all the way down, subwoofer doesn’t have big ‘oomph’, annoying cords.

Item Information Logitech S 2. Not much volume at all coming out of it. Comments To view comments, simply sign up and become a member! Best Logitech s220 speaker system in Computer Speakers. I fine the sound quality brilliant, and the bass powerful enough to fill a medium sized room.

The product works very well and I am very happy with the quality of sound in comparison with the old logitech s220 speaker system which were in use for 7 years.

Bass drops off pretty sharply below 40Hz, still audible down to 35Hz but pretty nonexistent any lower than that.