The Research Center contains basic film data on an astounding 12, films. The format is simple and easily navigable. We will send you goods soon after we confirme our receipt of the payment. Yasujiro Ozu would be listed as Ozu Yasujiro. Theater, Research Center, and Library. Transfer fees are to be paid by the customer.

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Movie Programs, Posters, Cassette Tapes. Among the revelations here: Anderson and Donald Ritchie have served English-speaking researchers well as overview histories. The fee is yen for delivery on Sundays or delivery on a day designated by the customer.

Mahsuda the films have been nearly impossible to see in theaters or on home video and so, it is safe to say, the great Japanese silent films are all but completely unknown in America. On the down side, this item was issued only in the Windows format, so Mac owners are immediately cut out.

Zero Woman: Assasin Lovers (DVD, ) | eBay

Each of these links calls up a detailed explanation of the subject, mxtsuda can be printed. Send us an e-mail at katsuben matsudafilm. Masterpieces of Japanese Silent Cinema is a vast and wonderful production, well implemented and deeply researched.

The brief clips included on the disc give the user a sampling of the high quality of films produced in the Japanese silent era. Issued in a double clamshell case with a page booklet, this DVD-ROM which is not compatible with CD-ROM players, please note manages to pack a complete history of its subject onto its single-sided disk. The Library icon gives users access to both audio and video interviews including film critics and benshi ; biographies of the people profiled on the disk; a list of references for further study; and a section on the benshi, those narrators who recycled the tradition of Kabuki narration into cinema.


An International Anthology Theater, Research Center, and Library.

Zero Woman: Assasin Lovers (DVD, 2002)

Add to Flipboard Magazine. There are three main icons that permit entry into the various areas: Some of this material is tantalizing indeed. Each film can also be individually selected for viewing. Yasujiro Ozu would be listed as Ozu Yasujiro.

MATSUDA: Japanese Index of Movies

Less accessible but equally interesting is the Japanese silent mmatsuda. As entertaining as the video clips are, the DVD-ROMs true value lies in its information database of 12, Japanese films dating from through the late s.

Embedded links take the user quickly to other areas of interest, and can inspire days of research into a particular person or studio.

The other caveat will be too serious for many potential purchasers to overcome. Exerpts from examples of Japanese animation are also included. Database entries can be accessed by list selections or searches by name, film title or keyword. The Shinshu Bloody Smile Episode ] For many users, the Theater section will be of greatest interest.


We will send you goods soon after we confirme our receipt of the payment.

This data includes title, year of production, mahsuda company, director, staff, and cast. If desired, a multimedia presentation raises an animated theater curtain, features about 10 seconds from all 45 films, then lowers the curtain. No Japanese silent film was without a benshi, and this convention continues to be observed today for the rare screenings that occur.

Unmarried young men and women were not permitted to attend a movie together. The ordering procedure matxuda outlined below. We would also like to note that all names listed in the disc follow the Japanese tradition of surname first ie. Extant prints of films and information pertaining to Japanese silent cinema has been to hard to acquire for study and viewing.