After the adapter has successfully established a network connection, the following screen will appear on your computer. Microsoft Word – User’s manual. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. To remove the existing wireless utility on a PC running Windows Enter the WPA2 key that is used on your access point or wireless router.

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This field displays the w150nu method that has been implemented on the wireless network.

Basic Security Click this radio button if you are connecting for Personal: Enter the WEP key that is used w150nu your access point or wireless router. In order to prevent any w150un w150nu, it is recommended to disable the built-in wireless adapter before installing the Wireless N USB Adapter. Once you click Next, you will have 2 minutes to w150nu this w150nu in your access point or wireless router.

Enter this number in your access point w150nu wireless router. Click this button to delete an existing wireless profile. Press the WPS button located on your access point or router to continue.

W150NU Wireless N 150 USB Adapter User Manual User’s manual KEEBOX,Inc.

If you w150nu like to create a different folder name, enter the name of the new folder w150nu the Program W150nu field. To enable a Profile, click the w150nu to the Profile Management tab and select the appropriate profile from the list. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: If you will be connecting w150nu a wireless router or access point, select the Infrastructure mode.


Click this button to create a new wireless profile. See page 36 for more information. When you have selected the utility installation location, click Next to continue to the next wizard window. Enter the WPA key that is used on w150nu access point or wireless router.

WNU Wireless N USB Adapter User Manual User’s manual KEEBOX,Inc.

SSID of the wireless network. Specify the location that you want to install the w150nu files in. If a wireless network has no security enabled, this field will w150nu Disable.

Enter the w150nu security information to connect to the wireless network. Check this box if you would like w150nu view the key that has been entered in the Network W150nu field.

Click this button to cancel any changes made to the Validate Server Certificate settings. These limits are designed w150nu provide reasonable protection against harmful interference w150u a residential installation. Encryption If your w150nu is using encryption with the Type: Click this button to modify an existing wireless profile.


This equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth w150nu an uncontrolled environment. To use an existing wireless profile, select the wireless profile from the list and click W150ny.

Keebox WNU Wireless N USB Adapter Specs – CNET

Click this button to cancel any changes made. To use w150nu existing folder, select the folder in the Existing Folders section. Validate W150nu Check this box to enable the Lounge, Coffee Shop, Work. Connect Use this button to connect w150nu a wireless network. Encryption Use the drop-down menu to select Type: The following window appears while the installation is being carried out: Click the Yes button to confirm that you want to disable the adapter.

Make sure your access point or w150nu router is close by. Refer to w150nu 25 for more information.